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Faithful Men

Even if you read the Bible faithfully, the name Onesiphorus might not ring a bell.  It’s one of those names that are easy to pass over, as are most of the names of the Apostle Paul’s less well-known friends.  We know of co-labourers like Timothy, Titus, Apollos, Barnabas and Silas, but Onesiphorus is only mentioned […]

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The Old Paths

The way in which the prophets of old came on the scene is astounding.  They didn’t come with smooth words or try to win the people over before they delivered the message God had placed in their hearts.  When we are first introduced to the prophet Elijah, we read this: And Elijah the Tishbite, who […]

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Canadian Thanksgiving

October 10, 2010 – This past weekend, we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving: an official holiday that was originally instituted to honour God for His generous provision at the end of the harvest season. The service has been broken into three segments. Part 1 – a brief summary of four key messages followed by songs, poems and […]