START: What is Repentance?

You might be coming from a religious background, even a Christian one. Perhaps you have no religious background, but have only heard about the Lord Jesus and have a vague concept that there must be a god. You might be a fairly moral person or, on the other hand, consider yourself past the point of no return. Like the rest of us, you may have done some things in your life that make you feel shame and regret.

It could be that you’ve grown disenchanted with the false promises of this world, which seem to evaporate like a mirage just when you think you’re getting somewhere.

The point is, your background matters not. What matters right now is that you have a sense that you need God.

And this is the best place a man or woman can come to: a place of brokenness over sin and your need for a Saviour.  The best state is to finally come to a full consciousness of your need for God.  Why?  Because you will not give yourself rest until you find Him.

On the flipside, the worst place to be is to claim that you see, that you know God, when in truth you just know about Him, your faith is dead, your love is cold and your soul can actually be satisfied with things.

Resist the temptation to cover your sin. If you can say, like the apostle Paul, that you are the vilest of sinners, there is hope for you. All can be washed away, through repentance and trusting in the gospel (literally, “the good news”).

Do you know what repentance is? It is a decision to simply give up, to stop fighting against God and to stop attempting to gain your own salvation through your own works. It is to literally give up and fall upon Christ so that you can say, like the lines from that old song, “I gave up my old tattered garment; He gave me a robe of pure white.”

Let it be plainly told. You will fail at all attempts to whiten your own soul. What the Lord Jesus has accomplished for us is what no one else ever could – even ourselves.

To know and trust that all your sins have been atoned for… that is life and peace. In repentance God’s goal is not to beat you to death, but raise you to life.

You see, here’s the amazing thing with God our Father: if you continue to cover your sin, He will expose it. But if you expose (confess) your sin, He will cover it.

If you want to be right with God, right on the inside, then you need to take some hard steps. Ask yourself: “Do I want to look alright or do I want to be whole?” Don’t continue walking in unforgiveness until, 12 years from now, you realize you’ve robbed yourself of life. Shake off the impulse to just keep living like you’re living.

Today is the day of salvation.

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