A Relevant Message

Man’s Limited Wisdom

We are already in the month of April, and it is hard to imagine that one quarter of the year 2000 is over. Indeed ‘time flies’. Just a few months ago, the unforgettable Y2K scare was generating unprecedented trepidation.

Had the fears of scientific minds been realized, 12:00 a.m. January 1, 2000 would have been one of the most devastating dates in the history of the human race. It boggles my mind to imagine the results of total global computer collapse. A world without electricity is a world out of control. The paranoia of the rich to protect their wealth, confronted by the uncouth aggressiveness of rouges to plunder and loot, would have plunged peaceful and established communities into absolute chaos.

Of course, we should not forget the wave of religious fanatics, whose dogmatic predictions of Armageddon and the end of the world produced a spiritual boomerang of criticism for the church and its interpretation of prophetic scriptures. But, we give thanks to God that the Y2K situation was detected, corrected and resulted in the uneventful commencement of the New Millennium.

New Year’s Eve to the year 2000 held the entire world in extreme tension. It was the first time in many millennia that all of mankind shared a common concern. Universal tension turned into universal relief as the hand of time ticked its way into the New Year. The Y2K crisis was over, Armageddon and the end of the world postponed, and millions of dollars worth of rations and survival gear were returned for refund.

Did man, in his human genius, win a battle against destruction and judgment? To better answer this question, I would ask another. Can man’s wisdom and genius predict God’s judgment, then offer an escape? The answer is a profound “No!”

To begin with, we should never overlook the fact that the Y2K scare was a result of man’s incompetence and lack of foresight. Man may predict, but he can never offer a solution to God’s judgment.

Forecast for Judgment

Bible prophecies interpreted by a God-ordained ministry, within the confines of the Body of Christ, should offer a spiritual forecast for our day. God’s people should never come under the total influence of apostate Christianity, but by using the ’20/20 vision’ that hindsight brings, we must consider three important facts.

Relevant Message

First, we should recognize that men of God in the past had a message relevant to the needs of the people in their time. These men- whether priest, prophet, king or apostle- stood on the foundation of past truth, but presented a way of escape for people of their own time frame. They heard from God for themselves, thus, their message was fresh, and presented a detoxifying influence from the spirit of their world. Present truth sanctified God’s people and saved them from His judgment on a spiritually drunk society.

Men who are not called of God will not have a message from God. Thus, they must fabricate or utilize someone else’s words. The prophet Jeremiah describes the preaching of this element as “vain”, “stolen” and “light”. (Jeremiah 23:16, 30 & 32)

It would be pathetic if Jonah decided he would build an ark because Noah built one. Paul would have been silly to put a yoke on his neck because Jeremiah had one. The Bible contains the history of God’s work as it advanced through various dispensations, and careful note should be taken to the diversity of dispensational truth.

John the Baptist, void of theology and the charisma of present day ‘faith healers’ , is a classic example of a present truth preacher. Described as the greatest among his peers, John preached an appropriate message for his time. (Luke 7:28).

Subtle Deception

The second fact to consider is that the Devil has always presented a misguided interpretation of Bible prophecies, and satanic deception has originated from the most subtle and unsuspecting sources.

Is it not strange that history reveals the fulfilment of prophecies as always having an element of surprise? Yet in our day, though described as “the night” and a period of darkness, we are confronted with prophetic enlightenment from almost every pulpit. Even with his remarkable gift of interpretation, Daniel failed to decipher the 70th week of Daniel. Yet, to present day ministers, eschatology (doctrine of last things) is treated as ‘kid’s stuff’.

Do we really understand prophetic scripture as we should? Being educated does not mean you are illuminated. An education may have its origin from a carnal source and is subject to change, but an illumination is an experience from God that eliminates areas of darkness from our souls and will radiate light in our actions. As children of God, we must experience an illumination so as to properly rationalize our education and its various sources of origin.

God’s people should be more sensitive to the spiritual darkness all around them, remembering that deception would not be described as ‘deception’ if it could be easily detected.

In today’s society, Satan is more than an “angel of light” and is active in almost every area of politics, commerce, and religion. Two thousand years ago, only 10 percent of worldly influence was able to infiltrate the godly home. Today, we would do well if we could retain 10 percent of godly influence. Without detection Hollywood’s perverted influence, combined with a media that caters to a scavenger-type mindset, has affected our standards of morality, modesty, and conscience. It is hard to live in Egypt and be sanctified from Egypt’s spirit and influence.

Satan, “the god of this world”, has successfully brainwashed our society. The words ‘Armageddon’ and ‘Apocalypse’ seem to pass as just another one of Hollywood’s productions. Gruesome media coverage of worldwide catastrophes has gradually made us callous, causing us to disregard the seriousness of Biblical predictions of judgment. If our assessment is based on what we see, it appears that our society is lost to the Devil. Morality, modesty, and holiness are becoming extinct, while the church becomes increasingly silent and compromises godliness for growth. It would be no surprise if the Bible is soon branded as ‘hate literature’, thus resulting in more compromising translations.

The only hope for society is God, and, as such, the work of the church becomes more critical. Since the failure of the God’s work erodes all hope for society, it is quite evident that the church must be targeted. It is no strange phenomenon that the “seat” and “synagogue” of Satan were in the midst of Smyrna, Pergamos, and Philadelphia. Rev. 2:9, 13, 24; 3:9.

The most subtle of all deception is an apostate gospel that turns God’s grace into lasciviousness (looseness), thereby eliminating the cross and replacing true discipleship with complacency in ungodliness. Why destroy the church and start a war when an undermining of the church’s purpose can result in greater deception?

Positive Prediction

The final fact to consider is that Bible prophecy of judgment can neither be altered or avoided. What God predicts will come to pass, and man’s wisdom, even at its pinnacle, cannot escape the consequences of the wrath of God.

As we study the Bible, we will discover that even though every man of God had an identity to his message, there was a common unity. They all pointed to a future period of judgment prior to the establishment of God’s kingdom. This day of wrath (Romans 2:5), described as “the day of the Lord”, a “day of vengeance”, and the “tribulation”, will be God’s judgment against a world in rebellion. (Jeremiah 51:6; Isaiah 24; Joel 2; 2 Peter 3:10; Matthew 24:21; Revelation 15:1; Revelation 16:1)

Isaiah 24:5 tells us that because of man’s transgression against God “the curse hath devoured the earth.” As mankind tries to escape the “pit”, they will fall into the “snare” (Isaiah 24:17-18). In a prophetic vision, the apostle Peter saw a ‘nuclear holocaust’ even before the term existed. (2 Peter 3:10).

The main emphasis of the book of Revelation is God’s wrath unleashed upon an ungodly world. Massive destruction, described as seven trumpets and seven vials, leaves a world in almost total devastation. Even in its most extreme reality, Y2K would have been mild in comparison to God’s day of wrath. We must conclude that God’s prediction of imminent judgment is positive.

My intention in this document is not to give detailed description of judgment. Rather, it is to give recognition to its reality, and to seek to motivate us in an appropriate response.

As witnesses of Christ, it is our responsibility to first cleanse ourselves from the spirit of this evil society so that we are not intoxicated with the “wine of her fornication”. (Revelation 17:2; 14:8 & 18:3). God’s people must be sanctified from the spirit of “mystery Babylon.” To partake of her sins would result in suffering her judgments. (Revelation 18:4)
It is our responsibility to preach an appropriate message to warn this ungodly world of God’s impending judgment. Let us not allow the Devil to divert us from this God-given responsibility, lest we become the vessels saying “peace and safety” in the face of imminent destruction. (1 Thessalonians 5:3)

May God give us a soberness and alertness that eradicates sleep from our minds. May we never become entertainers in God’s pulpits, lest our congregations become audiences. May we, as God’s watchmen, herald the appropriate message on our trumpets, lest the blood of society be required at our hands.