Satanic Intrusions in the Home

According to a ‘U.S. News and World Report’ article, the pornography industry took in more than $10 billion in one year-more than all revenues generated by rock and country music, more than America spent on Broadway productions, theatre, jazz, ballet, and classical music combined! With the advent of the Internet, this ‘industry’ has found a perfect venue to stream its filth. But as bad as it is, pornography is just one of the many harmful elements found online.

As if the Internet is not bad enough, a recent study shows that 3 out of 4 prime-time network programs show or refer to sex. Now, entire programs devoted to homosexual characters and issues are considered good entertainment. Nobody bats an eye.

Here’s a revealing video:

While groups lobby vigourously for their ‘rights’, those who speak of moral responsibility are quickly silenced by being labeled ‘fundamentalists’, ‘bigots’, ‘homophobic’, and ‘old-fashioned’. Truly, the more common an immoral practice becomes, the more it is embraced, eventually becoming the norm.

The family-the most basic institution ordained of God- was originally intended to be the teaching ground of life’s principals. But a constant undermining and bombardment of ideologies and practices have perverted it to a great extent. Whereas before families would sit, talk and enjoy each other’s company, nowadays it is not uncommon to find dad, mum and the kids speechlessly glued to the TV. As more and more people are becoming equipped with home computers, the Internet is becoming a new source of entertainment.

Due to absolutely no regulations on what can be posted online, people of all ages can access the most violent information and view the most revolting scenes from the comfort of their home. All absolutely free, at the click of a button! Not only have those looking for pornography been able to tap into an endless supply online, but through e-mail and chat room advertising, the porn industry is actively recruiting thousands of viewers who would otherwise never have set foot into an adult bookstore.

If those in the secular world are sounding the alarm, what should the Christian stance be? As mind-numbing programs evolve into mind-destroying tools, can we, with a clear conscience, subject our children to such things? Let us not be foolish enough to underestimate the Devil, or think the foundation we have laid in our children’s lives will not buckle under these new pressures. Solomon warned: “Remove thy way far from her, and come not nigh the door of her house…” (Prov. 5:8).

My advice? If you do not filter the Internet in your home, get it out! Like you and I who survived childhood without it, the chances are fairly good your child will still manage to get through school. If they absolutely need it for a particular project or research, why not sit down with them and help them? Try your best to eliminate these awful intrusions…the survival of your family relies on you.