Family Worship

Prayer holds a home together with cords of love. There is no place like home when God is there. It is not the size of the home, it is the amount of prayer in the home that makes it enjoyable.

If there were more prayers in homes, there would be fewer of them broken. Prayer not only protects the home from without, but also from within. Prayer makes your home a power house for God.

The home and the church must be partners in worship. It is not always easy for every family to have worship in their home, to set a time each day and before each service to pray and ask God to help in their spiritual growth in the church and in the home, but it is vital.

It is just like the first night or day we came to the altar. I’m sure you all remember that time when you gave your life to the Lord – it was not an easy step when we started our Christian life. Taking the first step in a family worship may seem difficult, but it is an easier step because we have already become acquainted with the One we are to worship. It will be such a help in having a better home life, and the love and respect that will begin to flow among the family will be a reward for your efforts.

So, what if you mutter a few words and are embarrassed – do not be discouraged – be thankful for the start that you have made in the right direction.
Just as a husband and wife joins hands for a successful marriage, joining for worship in the home is not anything new, for in I Corinthians 16:19, we find that Paul had this in his church: “Aquila and Priscilla salute you much in the Lord, with the church that is in their home.”

We find that the family that prays together, stays together. Prayers are like cement which holds the family together.

We find that the more we have family worship, the bolder we get in the Lord and we can take a more active part in the church services and activities.

We must use our minds every time we can, for we never know who we can help. Someone helped us with words that caused us to change our way of thinking. That is why the way we go to church is so important. It will cause the service to be helped or hindered. We must leave our worldly things off and forget them! ‘Shift gears’ and get into the spiritual realm of what we are looking for in the service.

Put someone on your prayer list that you want to see saved. Pray for them every time you pray, and someday you will see your prayer answered, and with tears of joy and prayers of thanksgiving you will see the worth and success of winning souls through prayer. Your faith will be increased and you will want to add others to your list.

No doubt we will live to see the day when persecution will drive us out of our church. To worship we will have to go underground (so to speak) or lose out with God. So, worship in the home should be such a part of our life that we will only have to intensify it when this happens. And it will!

If you have a loved one in the family that is unsaved or turned against your belief, do not get discouraged. You have heard the old saying, “A chain is as strong as its weakest link”. In family worship if you have a weak link in your home, do not cut it out, do not throw it away, for that is a very important link between your church and your home. Pray for it and some day you will see that link pulling for spiritual growth just as much as you are, if not just a little harder.

How many times have you heard parents say, “I just cannot do anything with my children. They stay out late at night drinking and playing pool,” Think back – what kind of life did Daddy or Mommy live? Were they always fighting, drinking, and playing pool down at the pool hall? You know that children will follow in their parents footsteps if they can. So stop that kind of living that will form wrong habits and attitudes in your children. Live a Christian life, pray, sing good spiritual songs, go to church and take an active part in what is going on there, and someday that boy will grow up to be a minister, and that girl will grow up to be a minister’s aid or helper in the church, instead of a pool hall rum dum.

Most people think of an altar as a bench that you kneel and pray, but your altar can be wherever you are. What greater needs are there than the needs in our homes where lives are formed? Family worship is a must for our spiritual growth.

Twelve Steps To Family Worship

· Call a family council, tell them what you are going to have.

· Make sure everyone in the family can be present.

· Set a time for each day. Usually 15-20 minutes is ample time for family altar.

· Take the telephone off the hook so you have no interruption.

· Do not let your friends or unsaved ones in your family stop you.

· Read a passage from the Bible.

· Always rotate the Bible reading to different members of the family.

· Make sure you know what you are praying for.

· Always pray for people with problems or needs.

· Always pray for your church service coming up next and for your pastor.

· Be thankful for your church, family and home.

· Never make a prayer too long, for it can become boring to younger children.

NEVER postpone a family worship.