Parents: Teach Your Children Responsibility

In a society filled with millions of conflicting concepts of what human responsibility is, assisted by governments which seemingly offer a ‘haven’ for the irresponsible, the child of God faces an almost impossible task of raising children with any sense of responsibility.

As Christians, God’s word must become a manual for a godly lifestyle. As the psalmist David declares, spiritually prosperous is the man who is not influenced by an ungodly society, but rather patterns his life from the principles of God’s word. (Psalms 1). Careful notice should be taken here to the term ‘ungodly’. I would suggest that scriptural reference to the ungodly does not refer only to the perverted and immoral element, but to any conduct contrary to God’s word. Thus, God’s word holds priority to any contrary suggestion, whether from the social worker, the doctor, the psychologist, the professor, the media or even the most renowned Christian author.

Ungodliness should be classified as any thought or lifestyle contrary to scripture, whether it be moral or immoral.

To teach Christian responsibility, God’s word must hold a priority and become the major influence in our lives. In Deut. 6:5-16, God exhorts Israel to love Him and serve Him above every other activity in their lives, and to diligently teach the same to their children, so that the customs of the new land would never shift their allegiance from God to ‘other gods.’ Verse 6 emphasizes the need for a never-ending effort of teaching God’s word to the family.

From daybreak to bedtime, parents were exhorted to teach God’s word to their children. In addition, everything in the home that met the eye displayed scripture. Considering the fact that homes in those days scarcely had any outside influence entering in, we today have the tremendous task of keeping the world OUT. Bombarded by television, radio, music, magazines, newspapers, it can be positively concluded that 90% of what comes into the home is the thought pattern of the ungodly.

As parents, may God help us as to do our best in maintaining God’s law in our homes and to wisely monitor what comes in. May God give us churches that will instruct us right. What our mind feeds on develops our spirit. This is reason enough for us, as parents, to monitor every activity of our children. We must be wise enough to recognize the subtlety of the devil. Godly parenting necessitates a meticulous scrutiny of what our children watch on television, the company they keep and even the toys they enjoy. A video game with violence will develop an ungodly attitude in our children. At the same time, a simple toy gun pointed at other children, could develop a spirit of murder and hatred over time. Practice does make permanent! Their innocent minds must be taught right from God’s word. A key element that should never be overlooked is the thought that the greatest lesson we can offer our kids is a “good godly example.”