After much thought and prayer, our assembly here in Mississauga has decided to commence the production of this quarterly Gospel magazine.

The name The Midnight Cry, is taken from Matthew 25:6, and is the most appropriate description of what this publication represents. The parabolic language used in Matthew chapters 24 and 25, seems to describe the time frame after our Lord’s ascension and leads right up to the second advent. The cry at midnight is God’s final effort to awaken a sleeping church out of a subtle, yet deep slumber. It is a time of gross darkness, yet it goes unnoticed by an apostate church. “Virgins,” both wise and foolish, are still around. God’s written word (lamp) and doctrinal interpretation (oil), are still available.

However, no lamp is ignited to guide the lifestyle of God’s people. Thus spiritual sleep overcomes even the wise virgins. “They all slumbered and slept.” The spirit of the age overpowers the conduct of even the wisest of God’s people. God’s ministers eat and drink with the drunkards, by deriving their knowledge from the so-called great men of Babylon. Mt. 24:48-49. It becomes evident that as a result, God’s people will comfortably ‘hob-knob’ with the world without conviction. When the work of God “puts darkness for light” (Isaiah 5:20), darkness will prevail – the virgins will sleep.

Understanding the fulfillment of prophecy is critical to our recognition of the subtle invasion of darkness. Terms such as “wine of her fornication,” “darkness,” “night,” “drunkenness,” are synonymous with the spirit of the age. All the world will wonder after the beast except the elect (Revelation 13:3). The saints will be overcome, to a certain extent, by this evil system. (Rev. 13:7).

Is it possible that in the midst of millions of religious volumes, thousands of Bible teachers and preachers, unending religious radio and television broadcast and hundreds of Bible seminaries, that our age is classified as the night? Yes!

As in the days of Christ, there was not a lack for academic knowledge of scripture, yet Isaiah describes Israel as a ‘dry ground.’ Jesus described the lawyers and doctors of the law as “blind guides” (Isaiah 3:2, Mt 23:16). Spiritual blindness is not an absence of accumulated head knowledge or religious dogma, but a lack of present truth. Present truth is that which recognizes evil in one’s own dispensation and offers God’s way out. God’s people must be saved from this present evil age.

It is my desire, by God’s help, to enlighten God’s people as to the subtlety of darkness in our time, lest we come under the intoxicating influence of the, “wine of her fornication” Revelation 17:2.

We may want to analyze our lives to determine how much we submit to God, in comparison to our submission to the spirit of the beast. Does the word of God hold a greater grip on our lives than the ungodly media? Who really are our teachers? Let’s not forget that “the whole world wonders after the beast.” (Rev. 13:3). All that dwell upon the earth shall worship this evil system except the few elect. Rev. 13:8. But, God is good and will save his people. All hope is not lost for us: Even though darkness prevailed and the virgins all slumbered and slept, someone did not sleep. At midnight a cry for spiritual awakening was heard. It was the ‘watchman.’ He never slept. The darkness has never overpowered God’s true Ministry.

I pray God that this material will herald the voice of a Ministry that is awake. However, let us not forget that, “except the Lord keep the city” even the watchman’s knowledge would be in futility. Psalms 127:1.