August: Conversion – A Matter of Heart

In the days of the early church, men and women who were converted and baptized with the Holy Spirit had their lives marked by the following characteristics: stability, rootedness, settledness, faithfulness, stedfastness, sincere love, fruitfulness, joyfulness, courage and confidence, among other things.  These characteristics were the fruit of the Spirit – the result of God working and they bringing their lives in conformity to the preached word.

In this lesson, Brother Singh helps us understand what conversion actually is.  When we think back to the days of Christ on this earth, one of His main opponents were the scribes.  Almost every waking moment would be spent in writing, translating and debating the scriptures.  They were the handiwork of man: religiously educated, but spiritually dead.  On the other hand, the work the Lord does is to enlighten the eyes of our understanding, changing us both within and without.