Dec: The Sovereign God at Work

The conversion experience of the Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus is one-of-a-kind.  In fact, many of us might envy such a dramatic calling, such clarity as to the direction his life would thereafter take.  But initially, things did not go “according to plan” – that is, his plan.

As soon as he received his sight back, and was baptized, he rushed into the first synagogue he could find in order to preach Christ.  When preaching failed, he argued.  And he would win the arguments.  But he had to flee and ended up back in Jerusalem.  The same thing happened there, and in his zeal, he caused tremendous turmoil.  The apostles decided to send him away for some time… in fact, for a few years to a place there was no church as yet.

But in all of this, our Almighty God, the same who called Him, was all the while at work.  Just as He was at work while Joseph spent years in a dark Egyptian prison, David in damp cave Adullum and Moses shepherding sheep in the wilderness.