Oct: God-Made vs. Man-Made

The last God-ordained prophet, 400 years before John the Baptist, was a man by the name Malachi.  In reading the first chapter of Malachi’s plea, you see that the people had departed from God in their hearts.  Their religion was an empty shell and no more, so the Lord simply stopped sending any more men to admonish the people.  You would think that without prophets, religion in Israel would have perished.  But not so.  In fact, it flourished as doctors and lawyers, scribes and sects of all kinds filled the void.

God is silent?  No bother.  In those days, men could attend a school or sit at the feet of a rabbi and acquire learning about God, causing the vast majority of religious leaders to be self-made or mass-produced.  Really, the situation was not very dissimilar than ours today: attend seminary, read books, go to conferences…

Yet all that would happen is that they would acquire the learning and end up promoting the concepts and dogma of that institution.  They were, in effect, man-made and man-sent.  Though claiming to represent God, they would end up rejecting His very Son when He came.

But compare man’s tinkering with how God does His work.  Watch this lesson and see how the Lord calls, undoes and works with His men before using them, ultimately gaining glory for His own great name.