Sept: What Does God Think?

It is the question of the ages, but one that is not asked as often as it should be: What Does God Think?  There is no shortage of opinions among us, but what about the Lord?

What does the Lord think of our services?  Our fellowship meetings and conferences?  Our worship and its sincerity?

How many times has man been confounded because his thoughts did not line up with God’s?  Whether it was overlooked David being chosen to be king, the poor widow’s mite being cast into the treasury, the selection of the feeble apostles…

So much of what we do and say is in light of how it will be perceived by others, but it is the Lord that we must focus on pleasing.  But God has not hidden what He wants from us.  His word tells us what is pleasing in His eyes.

In the second part of this message, Brother Singh takes us into the epistles to Timothy, outlining the duties of a minister in light of what is actually pleasing to God and what His ultimate end for the church is.